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Can DirecTV Work With TiVo?

Satellite television providers offer a great alternative to cable TV, but they do have their limitations especially when it comes to using Tivo, arguably the most popular DVR service in the industry. At least, that was the case when DirecTV dropped Tivo in favor of their own DVR service some years back.

But don’t fret fans, DirecTV and Tivo are back together.

The major difference between Tivo and other DirecTV DVR systems is that Tivo will not only records shows that you program it to, it will anticipate what shows you might want to record. Say, if you love reality music contest programs and are not aware of an episode coming on while your away, your Tivo will automatically record it for you to view at a later time. This is great for any person who loves to watch TV but never seems to be home when all of the good TV shows come on.

Here is how you connect your DirecTV receiver and your Tivo box, and what you will need to do it.

You Will Need:

  • DirecTV service
  • Tivo
  • A TV
  • Coaxial cables

Here Is What You Do:

  • Turn off the power to your TV, DirecTV receiver, and the Tivo box.
  • Take a coaxial cable and connect it to the DirecTV receiver box’s “Out out” port. Connect the other end of the coaxial to the Tivo box’s “In Put” port. This will insure that all available programming from your DirecTV satellite can be recorder by the Tivo box.
  • Turn on the TV, Tivo, and your DirecTV receiver box, and then turn the TV to channel three. This is usually the preset viewing channel for the DirecTV and Tivo service boxes. Press the TV button on your DirecTV remote to make sure that your still changes the channel. Now you are ready to record your favorite shows that you receive from DirecTV and enjoy them any time via Tivo.

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