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Can I Reformat My DirecTV DVR?

With all the programming available to record on your DirecTV DVR, it is easy to get it cluttered up with programs that you have watched about a million times. Perhaps you bought a used DVR box or were given one by a friend who no longer needed it. This means you might want to get rid of the programming that is already on it, but removing every show one by one can be a drag. By using the DirecTV DVR’s “System Reset” button, one can remove all programming with the push of a few buttons. Plus, it is also typically used to solve some of the common issues that you may have when using your DVR with DirecTV.

You will not need any special tools to do the reprogramming. Just follow the instructions below, and before you know it you will be able to start all over with a clean programming slate on your DirecTV DVR.

Step One:

Turn on both your television and your DirecTV DVR box.

Step Two:

On your remote control press the “Menu” button. Then use the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons to select the “Reset” option on your menu. This will open the programming reset menu on your screen.

Step Three:

Select either the “Clear and Delete Everything” option or the “Reset Everything” option on the reset menu list. Which one is on your screen all depends on the programming that you have on your particular DirecTV DVR.

Step Four:

Now you just wait for your DVR hard drive to reformat itself.  Be patient, this process could take up to an hour.

Step Five:

Once the DVR is reformatted you will need to go through guided set up to reset your DVR. This will help insure that your DVR is ready to record again. The On screen instructions will make doing this easy.

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