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DirecTV Attacks Dish Network in Latest Ad

Satellite TV leader DirecTV is taking aim at rival DISH Network’s ad campaign again, but this time it’s not in the court room. It’s on TV via a new commercial which brings back Alex Trebek’s old game show To Tell the Truth.

In the commercial, shown below, Trebek once again hosts a panel made up of reps from DirecTV, DISH Network and one rep generically called “Cable.” Trebek asks which of the three basic television packages offers the best value. The cable rep answers, “We offer the best value in entertainment,” which gets a skeptical response from the panel. The DISH rep says that “we offer the same TV as DirecTV for less,” which the DirecTV rep asks “does the same” mean including AMC, Animal Planet, Bravo and FX.

As expected, the panel votes with DirecTV.

When asked why DirecTV has directly responded to DISH Network, Paul Guyardo, chief sales and marketing officer for DirecTV, said it was time to “change course.”

“DirecTV historically takes the high ground,” says Guyardo. “But we felt we’d gotten to a point where there was so much misleading advertising in the marketplace that we had to set the record straight.”

Last month DirecTV sued DISH Network over its “Why pay more?” ad campaign, which claimed it offers the “same programming” as DirecTV. Bryan Kraft, senior analyst at Cross Research in Livingston, N.J., said those ads had bitten in to DirecTV’s market share. “That’s the big reason they’re doing it,” said Kraft. “They let those ads stay out there for a while to see what impact they’d have, and they did have one.”

The complaint alleges that DISH Network is making an “apples and oranges” comparison between DirecTV’s “Choice Xtra” package and DISH Network’s “America’s Top 120™” package.
In the lawsuit, DirecTV claims its package has more channels and several popular channels that aren’t on the “America’s Top 120™” package.

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