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DirecTV Latino Programming

After reviewing the Latino programming offered by DISH Network, I thought it would only be fair to check out the Latino programming that DirecTV offers.  DirecTV has a good number of Latino Programming packages, and they are structured basically the same way as the DISH Network Latino programming.  DirecTV offers the following programming packages for Latino and Spanish viewers:

This is the basic Latino programming package from DirecTV and includes 35 channels in Spanish, and 25 channels in English.  This is a great package for those who want to watch television in Spanish but just want the basics. The OPCION SELECCIÓN EXTRA package is $29.99 a month.

This programming package includes 35 channels in Spanish, and 80 channels in English.  This package includes the same number of Spanish channels as the basic package but is bundled with more English Channels.  This is good for someone who wants more variety than just the basic channels.  The OPCION SELECCIÓN MÁS package is $39.99 a month.

This is the best Latino programming package you can get from DirecTV and includes 35 channels in Spanish, and 135 channels in English. This package has a bit of everything and is great for movie enthusiasts or those who love to watch television and want to get the whole deal. The OPCION Premiere ESPECIAL package is $49.99 a month.

I found that DirecTV’s Latino packages are almost exactly the same as the DISH Network’s packages. The packages are even priced exactly the same as DISH Network.  With DirecTV however you get 4 extra channels in Spanish.  Both DirecTV and DISH Network definitely offer better Latino programming than cable, so if you are interested in getting channels in Spanish, I would recommend going with satellite.  If you are going to Sign Up for DirecTV we recommend going through the official website.

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