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DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

DIRECTV special offer with NFL SUNDAY TICKET!

Football fans everywhere can rejoice, as your insatiable desire for the next big hit has been satisfied: DirecTV is now offering the Sunday Ticket. This is a big step for football fans, as the Sunday Ticket represents the embodiment of premium football oriented programming at a reasonable cost. Fans everywhere can have access to something truly magical: every game, every time, regardless of physical location, can be seen on Sunday. That’s 14 games a week, compared with the 4 that is typically available via cable.

What’s Included

The Sunday Ticket is available to subscribers of the Superfan/Sunday ticket package. Over 100 games are broadcast in high definition, and subscribers get access to all of them. Also included are a bunch of extra channels, games, and extra features. Though not worth ordering on their own, these included extras make a nice addition to the package and do a good job in rounding it out. The extras (the Red Zone channel, a “Short Cuts” channel, and two game channels) are not available on their own.

The Red Zone can be described as a live sports highlights channel, with the focus of the programming constantly shifting to reflect the progress of live games. The channel will actually change focus on different games as a team brings the ball inside of the 20 yard line. Viewers are given a brief description about what’s going on by a very excitable host, and then the channel switches focus to a different game when applicable. Some people may find it annoying, and others will really enjoy it. Whether you like it or not, it’s there and it’s free with the package.

The Short Cuts channel takes every game and compresses it into one 30 minute block of programming. It is commercial free and has varying times of operation. The Game channels are eight small screens that have action from different games. The view can choose which game to listen to by moving the cursor over the game they want to hear- an interesting feature, though the general response has been rather soft.

The total assortment of channels, as well as the sheer number of games, make Sunday Ticket a very popular addition to the DirecTV lineup. DirecTV has expanded this even further in the last couple of years with the Superfan option.

The Programming

The programming is excellent for those who have the equipment to enjoy it. DirecTV broadcasts the games in HD, so if you have high definition be prepared to have your visual senses distorted. The extra channels also add to the value, as they add to the experience in their own unique ways.

The Red Zone Channel – This channel has gained a lot of acclaim for its unique visual perspective, only showing games as they enter scoring possibilities. People who don’t enjoy watching the mundane portions of the game and would rather focus on the action will love what this channel brings to the mix. Every moment that this channel is broadcasting is packed with intense action as the teams playing in the viewed game duke it out in an attempt to score or block a goal.

The Short Cuts Channel – If you have a short attention span you will love what this channel is offering. Take all of the games that you can watch and then compress them down into one half an hour segment that covers everything that was even remotely important. A great feature and a great addition.

Game Channels – This is a neat feature that is only offered by DirecTV. Being able to tune in to 8 games at once refines the term “multitasking”, as switching from one audio source to another is incredibly easy. However, smaller screens will find the subdivision into 8 viewing areas to be cramped and hard to follow. You need a big TV to get the most from this channel.


The NFL Sunday Ticket can be added to your programming for $269, but that pricing can be broken down into 5 installments. You can also add Superfan to that for another $99, which can also be broken down into 3 installments. Some may find this kind of pricing to be a bit on the expensive side, but dedicated fans will scoff at the $269 for Sunday Ticket. Superfan, however, may not be worth the additional $99. It may be best to try and find a bar or friends that have the service and determine whether or not its worth it to you.

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