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DirecTV Olympic Games Coverage

I was browsing the DirecTV site today and noticed that DirecTV will be offering over 1700 hours of coverage of the 2008 Olympics including over 800 hours in HD. Although I’m a big winter Olympics fan I will still tune in here and there for the summer Olympics and it’s good to know I will get to fully utilize my HD DLP Television.

DirecTV is adding a special Olympics Guide which will show you the time and channel for all of the games. There are ALOT of games which means they will be spread throughout NBCs channels, for example: Mens Track and Field may be on NBC and Swimming might be on CNBC. You can also see the official Medal Count through the DirecTV leaderboard.

As for DirecTVs on Demand Olympic content, they are going to have athlete profiles, previews of the games, and and more which will be available in both standard and high definition. Hopefully they will have most of the games on Demand because I’m pretty sure the time difference for me is going to be astounding.

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One Response to “DirecTV Olympic Games Coverage”
Todd Alden - August 7th, 2008 at 7:01 am

Do you know when the Directv Olympics Guide is supposed to be functional. I have a DirecTV HD DVR but pushing the red button gives me nothing.

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