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DirecTV To Carry Versus

All I can say is, it’s about time.  DirecTV and Comcast have finally reconciled one of their differences, finally allowing the Versus network to air once again on DirecTV.  The feed will began today, maybe even in time to catch the NHL hockey game.  While the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, to me it doesn’t really matter.  After all the U.S. versus Canada post-Olympics hype, viewers were clamoring for more hockey.  But with only one nationally televised game each week on NBC, you were relegated to watch your local team, if you were fortunate to live near one of the the 30 NHL teams.

But for die-hard fans like myself, the Monday night game (sometimes double headers as the playoff race nears and even games on Tuesday) acts like a NFL Monday night knockoff.  Sure it falls far below the ramifications since I don’t have an NHL fantasy team, but I do enjoy watching the greats in the sport compete.  To block off one of the four major sports in North America was sacrilege.  Of course there is a catch that DirecTV subscribers have to have a certain level package in order to receive Versus.

The potential revenue that the NHL presents might be one reason why DirecTV finally decided to pony up the cash.  The other reason would be the first live UFC event on the channel.  MMA is blowing up these days, leaving traditional boxing in the dust.  That is a huge moneymaker since each major fight entails lots of money being exchanged (as in betting).  I am extremely glad for those subscribers who have stuck with DirecTV and waited them out for this.

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