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How Do I Set Up the Parent Lock on my DirecTV Box?

There are several types of programming that DirecTV satellite TV transmits and some of these programs are not kid-friendly. This means parents or guardians may not want their children watching these programs, but how do you configure your DirecTV box to restrict certain types of programming while allowing others?

DirecTV offers a parental lock feature that allows parents to restrict the types of programming that your young ones can watch. You can choose to block certain programs or even whole channels from being viewed. There is even a time limiting feature, so that you can not only monitor what type but how much TV your Kids watch. This is accomplished through a password protected mechanism.

Step One:

Turn on the TV and press the “Menu” button on your DirecTV remote.

Step Two:

There will be a menu pop up on your TV. Select the “Parental” and the “Edit Settings” option on this menu.

Step Three:

Now, follow the instructions on your screen. There will be options such as spending, hours, ratings, and channel block options. The spending option allows you to set limits on the amount of pay-per-view movies that can be watched per month. The “Hours” option allows you to monitor and limit the hours of viewing your children can spend each day. The ratings option means you can block movies and shows based on ratings (this includes Pay-Per-View selections).

Step Four:

After you have made your selections choose the “Lock Now” option. Now you will be asked to put in your pass code or PIN. The PIN is given to you when you buy the service. If you do not have one or have lost it call customer service and they will give you a new one.

Step Five:

Enter the PIN; your parental locks are now enabled.

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