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How To: Clear Ice Off A Satellite Dish

By Erik

Unless you live in a tropical climate (you lucky jerk-faces), you will have to deal with cold weather and winter precipitation. If you have a satellite dish, this can be very problematic. Ice and snow buildup can cause signal interruption and let’s be honest, an interruption in the middle of your favorite reality TV show sucks. Not only can snow/ice/damnation mess with your signal, it could, if not dealt with, cause damage to your satellite dish. This can be a very expensive piece of equipment to replace so you want to take care of it right away to avoid the damage.

Here is a method for ice removal that is very effective.

You will need:

  • A Small Spray Bottle
  • An Old Shop Rag or Towel
  • Windshield Washer Fluid

Step One:

If there is any snow on the top of the ice brush it off with the rag or old towel.

Step Two:

Take and fill the small spray bottle with the windshield washer fluid. Be very careful not to create a lot of bubbles while doing this, for the bubbles can block the flow of fluid out of the spray bottle. So it is best to fill the bottle slowly.

Step Three:

Now spray the windshield washer fluid on the satellite dish, be generous with the amount. This being said do remember there may be electronics that could be exposed.

Step Four:

Let the washer fluid set so that is soaks in to the ice, this is what melts the ice and allows for easy removal.

Step Five:

Spray another layer of the windshield fluid onto the remaining icy places on the satellite dish antenna.

Step Six:

Use the old towel or shop rag to wipe off the loose ice. If the satellite is not clear of ice repeat Steps E and F, until the ice is completely removes from the dish antennae.

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