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Overview of the DirecTV Plus HD DVR

There are many outstanding features that DirecTV has included in with its Plus HD DVR. Each of these helps to make this one of the most appealing units on the market today. You will get two tuners that will allow you to access HD and SD programming.

With the press of a button you can get the scores to all major sports games without ever leaving the channel you are on. You will also enjoy other interactive features offered through DirecTV Active. You can view everything from your horoscope to the weather and even check lottery results.

The DVR function allows you to both pause and rewind live TV for up to a full ninety minutes. You can check out an instant replay and even play things in slow motion. You will even be able make thirty second jumps ahead allowing you to check out the show you have recorded.

With the ability to record with a simple touch, manually record and even auto record you will not miss your favorite shows ever again. You will even be able to watch a previously recorded show while recording two others at the same time. You can even link episodes of the same show together allowing you to record a full season!

The system can work with your local phone provider to help you view and log calls from your TV. You can also take advantage of the parental controls/locks to ensure peace of mind. With the advanced program guide you will be able to see what is coming on up to 14 days out.

The best thing about the DirecTV Plus HD DVR is that you can connect an external hard drive which will give you even more recording space. With plenty of audio and video outputs you will find that this is one outstanding DVR.

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