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Real Crime TV

I’ve been to Baltimore and survived without a problem.  My buddy lives there and he says stay out of the hood during the night.  That’s a pretty good rule-of-thumb for any city’s sticks.  But Baltimore has taken it one step further. has taken their internet venture to the next level, satellite television.  As if Cops is not rebroadcast enough, as if we can’t get enough of Duane “Dog” Champan, as if we can’t get enough of the new Campus Cops on G4, here is the next step.  The internet company struck a deal with DirectTV, allowing subscribers to access the content.

This definitely bolsters DirecTV’s resume quite a bit…NOT.  So now, if you’re a baddie, you can see where it’s hot and where the 5-0 are patrolling.  That way, if you want to rob a bank or boost a car, you’ll be able to do it with much more ease.  What kind of person will watch this channel?  Either you’re president of the neighbor hood watch or you’re running your Godfather-type crime ring.  Either way, this is not a good idea for this type of information to be disclosed.  While their intentions might be good, this is detrimental to the police force.  This completely takes out the element of surprise.

The founder and president, Colin Drane, says that customers will be able to customize their crime data to view data based on a map or zip code.  Really, customization for this?  Not to mention, if you’re on the move, they also have an iPhone app for $2.99.  As surreal as this might be, if you are watching this at any point in your life, you have no life.

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