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The DirecTV Protection Plan – Should You Get it

DirecTV offers a protection plan that gives you free service and fixes if anything on your DirecTV system stops working or breaks after the initial 30 day period is up. If any of your equipment breaks you are also covered. They will replace it at no charge. The plan costs $5.99 a month or about $72 per year, which is around the same price as one service call. Many things can happen to your satellite system – the receiver can stop working, or something can happen with the dish. It’s important to figure out how to protect yourself and save the most money possible.

If you are not a technology guru and know that you won’t be able to fix something with the system that breaks yourself, then you probably want to get a protection plan. The plan is very good if you live in a place that has harsh weather, like the northeast or western united states. Wind and Power Surges from bad weather can often cause things to go wrong with electronics and satellite television.

Overall we really want to stress that it depends on your experience level, and its really the same as buying insurance. You might end up using the protection plan 3 times a year and save money, and then on the other hand you might only use it once in 10 years and in that case it wouldn’t be worth it. There is really no way to predict if you will need it or not, however if you don’t want to fix a problem yourself if one arises or if you are not a technical person then you might want to at least look into it.

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