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Watch NFL Games on Your PC

We Currently Recommend My New Satellite TV to watch Live NFL Games on Your PC.

This NFL Season, DirecTV is offering a new service and technology called Supercast. They are basically streaming all of the live games from their NFL Sunday Ticket directly on the Internet for subscribers to watch. NFL Sunday Ticket Subscribers can access this new feature through the DirecTV Website. This is a very cool feature and I actually completely overlooked it until a few days ago when I was browsing through their website. I wonder how many others overlooked this, because it really is a great service and I’m surprised it hasn’t been publicized more.

Another great feature of Supercast is that it allows you to see the latest scores and stats. Even though Satellite TV works almost everywhere, the best part about Supercast is it works anywhere in the world as long as you have a broadband internet connection. The online interface also allows you to receive the game highlights instantly as the happen. This is great for anyone who has to work or are away from their television on game day but still have access to a computer. I think this technology is long overdue and I’m glad to see it finally being implemented in a really cool way.

The DirecTV supercast is available from 9 am pacific time to 5:10 pm every Sunday. If you are a DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber be sure to check this out on the website. If you arn’t subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket yet, what are you waiting for!? You can see our Review of NFL Sunday Ticket here.

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