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Which DirecTV Package is Right For You?

We get a lot of emails asking about the different packages DirecTV offers and how the pricing relates to the cost of each. Basically DirecTV offers 6 different plans each with unique channels and features. Because each of these packages are individually priced, it can be confusing when trying to choose the package thats right for you. We have broken down the 6 different packages and explored the features and price of each. As always, we recommend signing up for DirecTV service from the Official Website.

Family Package
The DirecTV Family package is $29.99 a month and includes over 55 channels. This package is targeted at families and includes family friendly programming like The Disney Channel, Nikolodean, and the Science Channel. This package also comes with your local channels. You can upgrade this plan to the DirecTV Choice package to get 100 more channels.

Choice Package
The DirecTV Choice package is $44.99 a month (for the first 4 months) and includes over 140 channels. This package includes a bit of everything, from the most popular tv channels to sports channels, family channls, and music channels. You can upgrade this to the DirecTV Choice Xtra Package for around $10 more a month to get 45 more channels.

Choice Xtra Package
The Choice Xtra package from DirectTV is basically the regular Choice Package on steriods. This package includes over 185 channels (around 45 more than the regular Choice Package) and also includes your local programming. This package is $49.99 a month (for the first 4 months).

Plus DVR Package
The Plus DVR package is perfect for people who want to get a Digital Video Recorder. This package comes with free DVR hardware to allow you to record, pause and play live television shows. This Package also includes over 185 channels and your local channels as well. The Plus DVR Package starts at $54.99 a month (for the first 4 months).

Plus HD DVR Package
The Plus HD DVR Package (whew these names are starting to get ridiculous!) is great for people who want a Digital Video Recorder PLUS want to receive channels and broadcasts in High Definition. This package comes with over 195 channels and DVR Service. You also get your local channels with this package. The DirecTV Plus HD DVR package is $64.99 a month (for the first 4 months) The awesome part about this package is with the HD channels you get broadcasts in 1080i HD vs most other companies that give you HD programming in 720p.

DirecTV Premier Package
This is the ultimate package from DirecTV. It includes over 250 channels of programming, 31 premium movie channels, and over 30 sports networks. It also comes with free Digital Video Recording service. If you want everything DirecTV has to offer, this package is for you. The Premier Package is Free for 4 months if you order it with the NFL Sunday Ticket package.

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