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Why is My DirecTV Remote Only Working With My Receiver?

A problem that some people have run into is that their remote controls seem to work on their DirecTV receiver and not with their VCRs, DVD players, TVs or other such devices. This can be due to a few different issues.

The first of the possible causes is that your remote may not be set on the correct mode. In other words you might be pressing the power button to turn on the TV, but the remote is trying to turn on a different device.

Another possible issue may be that your remote isn’t programmed to control your different devices. Lastly, it could have dumped the programming.  In the case of the first issue you will simply need to make sure the right button has been pressed.

In the case of the two later issues you will need to reprogram your remote. If you have the white DirecTV remote simply hit the following buttons Menu > Settings > Setup > Remote > and then follow the instructions that come up on the screen.

If you have the black or the gray remote you will need to press the button for the device you are attempting to operate first. If you need further instructions then check out the system manual for the remote you are using. If your model isn’t listed then try another similar model under the same brand.

Make sure before you start that you have the control codes you need handy. This will help you to cut down on the chance of having to start the process over and over again. After you have found the right code simply jot it down somewhere safe. This way you will be able to easily reprogram the remote again in case something was to happen. If all the above fails to fix the issue then you may just have a defective remote that needs to be replaced.

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