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10 Reasons Why Satellite TV is Better than Cable

By admin

1. More Channels
Although this one is pretty obvious I thought I would list it anyway. With regular cable packages you usually get less than 100 channels of programming. Even with Digital Cable you will only get around 200-300 without paying a fortune. With Satellite TV like DISH Network you can get hundreds upon hundreds of channels and pay the same amount as you would for basic cable.

2. Better Sports Programming
Cable Television often offers the basic sports channels ( ESPN, Comcast Sports Net, etc..) major cable providers like Comcast don’t have sports packages that even compare to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. DirecTV is renown for their amazing sports programming packages that cover everything from Basketball to Nascar.  DISH Network also has a great lineup of sports channels and programming that has just about everything a sports buff could ever want.

3. More Variety
If you are the type of person that likes variety in their life… a little bit of this and that… then Satellite TV is for you. Satellite TV has all of the unique channels that cable may not have.  DirecTV just added a unique Wellness Channel that covers natural living and healthy family lifestyles.  Since you get more channels with satellite, you end up getting a wider variety of programming.

4. No Setup Fees
Most cable providers don’t seem to mention the large setup fee they charge you when sending out a technician. This fee can end up being well over $100. DISH Network and DirecTV have free installation and setup, so no more paying extra for stuff in the fine print.

5. Free DVR and Equipment.
Satellite Television companies often offer free upgrades as incentives to sign up such as free DVR equipment and free equipment. To get a DVR from the cable companies it can be expensive and add an additional cost to your monthly plan.  Check out the current deals near the top right of the site to see what the satellite companies are giving away this month.

6. More Programming in HD
Most of the big cable companies currently offer between 10 and 20 channels in HD. Right now DirecTV offers 37 channels in HD and they will have 100 channels in high definition by the years end. If you have an HD television or are thinking about upgrading to HDTV, satellite is the way to go.

7. Sirius Satellite Radio on DISH Network
Listen to the best of Sirius Satellite Radio when you subscribe to DISH Network. Sirius currently has a whole lineup of channels on DISH dedicated to playing the best music 24/7 365 days a year.

8. Family Friendly Packages
Cable companies offer basic, and digital packages however satellite services like DISH Network and DirecTV are the first to offer packages designed just for your family. Your whole family should be able to enjoy television and these packages ensure that your children are watching content that isn’t just appropriate, but educational as well.

9. Programming en Espanol

If you are looking for lots of programming in Spanish, then Satellite is for you. Currently DISH Network offers DISH Latino, a whole package full of channels in Spanish.  DirecTV offers comparable programming with more than 30 unique channels in Spanish.

10. More For Less
I could make a list of 20 more reasons why satellite is superior to cable however it really just comes down to more for less. You get more features, more sports, more HD, more everything for less money every month, and if you think about it..thats really the best reason of all.

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