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Can I Get DirecTV Internet Without a Land Line?

By Erik

Anyone who knows much about the Internet may remember just how slow it was waiting on web pages to load. This was due to the fact that computers had to hook up to existing land line telephone jacks. Telephone lines could only handle a certain amount of traffic which limited the speed at which one could connect.

Satellite customers would have to connect their systems up to telephone lines for software updates and other such uses. Internet across DirecTV was once just a mere suggestion that private homes could not access. As technology has advanced and costs have dropped, the dream of satellite Internet is now a reality.

No longer do people have to depend on having a home phone line in order to enjoy accessing the Internet. This is great considering how many people are now choosing to use strictly cell phones rather than having a dedicated landline.

This can actually present you with a great cost savings. By leaving the landline behind you will no longer have a phone bill to worry about. This means that you will have the extra money for a better Internet package through DirecTV.

To get yourself started, simply give DirecTV a call and tell them that you are interested in taking advantage of an Internet package. If they ask whether you are interested in a home phone option tell them no thank you. Stick with your cell phone provider or give an Internet phone provider such as Vonage a look.

Such providers tend to be a bit cheaper than relying on phone service through your landline or your satellite system. Enjoying the Internet across your DirecTV satellite system is no longer a dream. It is now an affordable reality. You could soon be surfing in style and saving money at the same time.

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