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DirecTV And Dish Drop Suit

By Jim

After months of feuding and smear campaigning, both DirecTV and DISH Network agreed to drop their false-advertising suit on the “Why Pay More” commercials.  Both the initial lawsuit as well as any counterclaims that were filed have been dropped.  Many of the details were left out but it seems like executives were finally tired of shelling out ad money to smear the other company.  It was a stupid feud from the onset anyways.  This is America and we promote competition in industries.

The two companies have taken different roads in running their company.  The satellite industry race has tightened over the past two quarters and DISH is now leading DirecTV in net subscriber growth.  While DISH is concentrating on this, DirecTV has shifted its focus more on profitability rather than adding to its subscription base.

While the battle has been over who has more HD programming and the exact numbers of total channels, viewers have been reaping from the benefits.  By undercutting each other and providing more channels at less of a price, no matter which provider you chose you still ended up with a decent deal.  It’s nice to see that they will play nice for a little bit.  In the long run, results matter and the viewers will have the final say in who wins.  I believe each can profit and keep their shareholders happy, which is why I think them going their separate paths in strategy is key.  Always provide something the other company can’t is one of the rules in basic competitive marketing strategy.  That alone will entice people to try your company, not by smearing the other guy.

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